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To our stakeholders,

I am pleased to announce this year is the best year to joint Lazer Press as a client and transform your printing needs. we actually partner to ensure we deliver just what you need at the price you can afford.

With the acquisition of speedmasters to make sure your quality are optimum for less. and the improvement of our delivery system to make sure you never have to worry again, we have seen the progress and continuing work to advance Lazer’s environmental, social, and governance performance.We have focused specifically on topics that our stakeholders—and Lazer Press itself—consider high priorities: Quality and Speed, customer satisfaction, free advisory service, diversity and inclusion, and complete client satisfaciton. These are the issues we need to deliver on to be competitive and thrive in markets around Africa.
At lazer Press, an account manager is assigned to focus on your need and take very good care of you as any professional company out in Europe. Leadership in corporate responsibility advances our stakeholders’ interests and strengthens our own competitive positioning. For example:

At Lazer Press, we continually invest in product innovation and improved customer service. By listening to our customers and delivering the right solutions and support, we solidify our position as a long-term strategic partner. We have identified and resolved over 100 customer issues in Ghana and other africa countries since we launched a company-wide customer-satisfaction initiative in 2009.

We view workplace diversity and inclusive hiring and promotion as a business imperative. We must reflect the diversity of the global market to best serve our customers and spur innovation. As part of our continuing efforts to promote gender equality,
We participate in the important discussion about the role of technology companies in protecting human rights, especially privacy and freedom of expression. We plan to issue a corporate-wide policy on privacy and freedom of expression.
Even in the face of the difficult economic environment, we achieved many successes over the past year. Among the printing companies, Lazer Press ranked in the top five for all nine key attributes of reputation, including innovation, quality of products and services, and social responsibility.We are also proud of our continued commitment to support schools, nonprofit organizations, and the communities where we live and work. Our customers, partners, employees, communities, and other stakeholders will continue to inform our corporate responsibility strategy in the coming year and beyond. We invite you to submit your feedback on our progress and the challenges we still face.With your help, we look forward to many future successes.
Felix Darrah
General Manager
Lazer Press